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Macaron Menagerie

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Alexa y., 

old forge, pA.

"Brittany blows me away with her designs and flavors every time. I'm always so impressed every time I order!
each order is better than the last!! So worth every penny, take it from me!"

Morgan J.,

clearwater beach, FL.

"My kids are obsessed with Brittany's macarons! She has always gone above and beyond, even customizing them with their names on them and going out of her way to delivery them for me. So happy we found her!" 

Lisa D.,

scranton, pA

"I gave Brittany a huge order for my son's superhero themed birthday. I couldn't believe her artistic work! The kids filled up on all the macarons and barely even touched the birthday cake! Would 10/10 recommend!"
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About Me

A self-taught baker that has grown from an amateur baker as a teenager to a disciplined French Macaron admirer. Growing up in Northeastern, Pennsylvania, I have such an admiration with all the seasons and reflect it in my macarons- from summer flavors like strawberry lemonade and lime margarita to fall flavors like pumpkin spice latte to cinnamon apple pie. Fascinated with the challenge of French Macarons, I dedicated hours of practice to perfecting these finicky, temperamental cookies. My beginning trials were shared with close friends and family and suddenly I was getting requests for orders every other day, thus conceiving the idea of creating my first business, Macaron Menagerie. Today, I get to share with the world my love and passion through the art of my macarons. Every customer I encounter inspires me more and more to want to keep creating these cookies and bring smiles and happiness through my love of baking.

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